The Raccagni company is founded


The headquarter is moved and enlarged.
Raccagni opens a new head office equipped with
technically advanced machines.
At the same time, the organisation is strengthened
in order to be more efficient and smooth
all production steps


Raccagni begins manufacturing the Super R,
the zipper that represents the very best of
craftsmanship and industrial techniques.


The Brand "Raccagni Group" comes to life.
The acquisition of the Almatex company means
a perfect sinergy between Zippers and Tapes.
New products are launched on the market.


Raccagni begins manufacturing the Simmetrica,
a zipper that is particularly suitable for
the leather goods market thanks to
the double sliding mechanism.
Attention to details and industrial
techniques are always at
the highest levels.


The Group enlarges its span of activities
thanks to a state-of-the-art dyeing facility.
This means competitive advantage on colours
with short times and small scale
productions. A new dyeing is open, too.
Highly technological machineries bring to
faster executions on small quantities.
Those services are essential for
prototyping and style teams.


To achieve new standards of service and quality, the company has invested in 2 new presses and 4 new robots.


To optimize the storage, management, production and shipping of orders, we focused on installing an automatic warehouse which speeds up work and allows us to recover space.

Quality Quality

The well-established union between
craftsmanship and technology, as well as
the Group's focus on attention to details,
allows to obtain high-end industrial
products that convey all the experiences
and innovation ruled by the
principles of Italian design.


The manufacturing machinery and
moulds are built internally.
This allows the Group to modernise both
products and manufacturing processes
to meet new requirements and pursue
the Company Mission.

Social Policy Social Policy

In a broader vision of cooperation, Raccagni Group
has been working with international charities
for several years, donating zips and tapes
in order to create products that are then
introduced into the fair-trade.
Furthermore, Raccagni Group established a
partnership with fashion & design institutes
in Italy and the UK.


25036 Palazzolo sull'Oglio (BS) Italy
Via A Küpfer, 8/10/12

tel. 030 7402470 (3 linee r.a.)
fax 030 7301723

P.IVA 01860800984